Who is Pim Jacobs and why did I start blogging?

This is me 🙂

This is the first post on my new blog. I’ve been thinking about it for years now and a few weeks ago I thought let’s register a domain name otherwise it will never happen and now here it is!

So who am I? I’m Pim jacobs, at the time of writing 30 years old, working as a consultant in the Netherlands with a strong focus on the Microsoft cloud specifically solutions like: (Hybrid) Identity, (Hybrid) Exchange, Microsoft Intune, Conditional Access, Azure Active Directory, Azure MFA etc.

It actually all started 4 years ago when I started working for Inovativ (currently InSpark) where I started as a consultant focusing on (hybrid) identity and (hybrid) Exchange implementation for customers which wanted to move to the Microsoft cloud. At that time I learned a lot from co-workers, but over the years that changed and right now I’m still learning of course but I can also help my co-workers by learning them something I know. Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is even better as it empowers others to do the same.

I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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