TechTalk Dudes S02 E03

Here we are again! And hereby present our seventh recording of TechTalk Dudes where I will be talking with Ronny de Jong about why in a hybrid world it’s no longer important ​where and when people work, but it is though important to facilitate this is in a controlled and secure manner, which particular applies to our identities and data

In this session Pim and Ronny will discuss the various options we have available to put this in practice for end user accounts. We will go into more details how Application Enforcement Restrictions and Conditional Access App Control in Defender for Cloud Apps can be used to protect your data anytime, regardless of your platform or location. We will explain the differences, limitations and benefits relative to each other. This so you can bring this into practice yourself!

Be seated, grab a coffee, enjoy watching and stay tuned for more soon!

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